We Provide the Best ICT Solutions. We not only do coding but also do designing, developing, improving, consulting or even better implement from the scratch.

Pishro Ayandeh Negar started its activities in 2007 by providing solutions for network architecture, consulting, and implementation services, providing internet access for organizations, companies, and offices. In addition, we conducted extensive research in various fields, including promoting the IT market and adjusting the experiences of leading companies in the Iran market. During this period, we gained comprehensive experience, knowledge, perspective, and designed various strategies for the development of different aspects of information technology, especially e-commerce.



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We deliver value to our clients by:
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Our Vision

To be first choice software outsourcing company:

Our vision is to help organizations grow, as well as business productivity using technology-based systems.

Seven Software

Contact us every time you need and our team will bibendum quam in elit accumsan, quis maximus urna venenatis lorem!